moutain gorilla holidays PHOTOGRAPHY & WRITING BY IAN WOOD

I've just put a link here to a new gallery of Sussex landcape photos taken this year.

NEW - Sunday 24th September -  NEW Sussex Seven Sisters coastline photography day click here for more info

"Good company, uncomplicated photography advice and a fine pub lunch !" Lucy Adams

I run a variety of photography courses, workshops and one-on-one days in Sussex, England. My aim with these is quite simple - to cut through the jargon and make the techical side of photography as simple as possible. Digital cameras have a huge array of buttons and menus which can seem daunting at first. My system of teaching is to de-mystify this by spending time out and about taking photos together. There won't be long technical ramblings; if you want to learn to drive a car, you don't get someone to talk about it. You drive a car. By focusing on the creative aspects of photography, we'll explore the main settings of your camera in an intuitive and fun way and I guarantee you won't use 'Auto' mode again. Maybe time for a photo before I say more ? Below is Brighton's West pier at full moon ... taken on a one-on-one day.

So ... where was I ? Ah yes ... making photography simple. When it comes down to it photography is just about light. Time for another photo I think. This is a sunrise shot over a dew pond near Ditchling beacon. If we took this photo on 'Auto' mode, the sun would be dazzlingly bright and the foreground very dark.The settings to take photos like these aren't complex and once you've taken a couple you can apply them time and again to other images that you want to capture. About this point you might be wondering how much my Sussex photography days cost ? For one-on-one days they are £195 and for four-person small group photography days they are £85 each. If you'd like to be kept up to date with future dates please click here to take you to my contact page. We'll also look at efficient ways to deal with a batch of images on a computer by going through your photos at the end of the day. I vary the locations in Sussex according to time of year and your personal preferences ... ie landscape, travel, wildlife, macro etc. What else do I need to say ... Just that I like these days to be good fun ... actually I think that's the most important part ! Contact me here if you'd like more info. Ok ... 2 more random photos, then that's all for this page. Or there's a link here to my blog page which has a selection of photos taken on this years Sussex photography courses and workshops.