moutain gorilla holidays PHOTOGRAPHY & WRITING BY IAN WOOD

I've been running these trips for several years now and they've raised tens of £1000's for the Orangutan Foundation whilst being great fun.  Here is a selection of feedback from people who have been on this holiday before:

" For me, this was a holiday made in heaven. Thanks to Ian's patient tuition, I learned how to use my new digital camera and at the same time was able to spend many hours in the company of our fascinating cousins, the orangutans. " Valerie Shipp England

" I came across this trip through the Orangutan Foundation website and was keen to do something a bit different, and so with a love of Orangutans and a new camera, I decided to give it a go! I couldn't have asked for a better group - you really do feel like you have known each other for ages. The Orangutans were so close by and everyday brought a new story to share. Amazing. Roll on the next trip!! " Lucy McDonagh Scotland

"Thankyou so much ... It was the trip of a lifetime and I can't wait for my next one. " Sarah Marshall England

"My trip to Borneo with Ian was all I amagined and more. If your'e looking for a holiday where you walk away feeling like you've gained an insight into another world, then this trip is the one for you. Amazing!" Rebecca Logan, Australia

" What did this trip mean to me ? The world ! Sharing and enjoying such a fantastic experience was such fun and to see and photograph the orangutans was a life changing experience. " Ella Clayton England

"It was incredibly special to witness first-hand wild orangutans and many other species living happy and free in the rainforest. Ian's knowledge of the region and his relationships with local people made the experience easy, enjoyable and unforgettable." Liz Vagg Australia

"This trip enabled me to get a sound knowledge of my first digital camera and the one to one tuition gave me the confidence to experiment with different camera settings. It was a relaxing way to photograph wildlife with a small group of people who not only had an interest in improving their camera skills, but were also sympathetic towards protecting the environemnt so that animals like the orangutan can have a future in the wild." Colin Williams, England

"Ian's trip would have to rank up there as one the best things I have ever done. To be in the presence of these wonderful animals is a memory to be treasured always and to learn so much from one so committed to the animals and his photography is an added bonus." Barbara Hagger

"Our trip to the Tanjun Puting National Park with Ian was a marvellous experience.  To get so close to the wildlife and particularly the Orangutans made for a unique opportunity to see the rainforest as it should be. " Mike Helliwell UK
"What a fantastic way to go searching for wildlife ... cruising along rivers is so much more relaxing than in a jeep ! A truly incredible experience, meeting fantastic people and seeing lots of orangutans and other wildlife (including completely adorable baby orangutans!). Kelly Doig, Scotland

"We were looking for a trip that gave us a particular mix of wildlife , personalised travel and developing our camera skills. This trip ticked all the boxes. Very relaxing, learning at our own pace, spoilt for wildlife and above all great fun. We are happy to personally recommend Ian's trip and have offered Ian our email address to use if people want advice from previous participants ... contact Ian for details." Jools and Gillian Lloyd.

"Lifetime ambition acheived ! A great small group holiday getting closer to orangutans than we ever thought whilst learning at last how to use our cameras properly so we don't bore everybody with out of focus photographs ! We have already and will in the future recommend you to others." Tim and Kathy Burrows, England

"Meeting the orangutans was totally amazing along with all the other wildlife including the proboscis monkeys flying through the trees. It was such a pleasure to hang out with Ian and the rest of the group for the week ... I couldn't have asked for a better bunch. The only negative is that it's over and I'm back at my desk but I'll always have fantastic memories." Jerry Esterly

"A wonderful combination of brilliant photographic opportunities and meeting new friends. Having a holiday where you can relax in beautiful surroundings, learn a new skill and take away some wonderful memories....what could be better, thank you." Gill and Andy Tarrant

"A fantastic trip ... an exceptional opportunity to spend time in the presence of Orangutans, Proboscis monkeys and so much other wildlife ... the memories will stay with me for ever." James McClelland

"The opportunity to get so close to the orangutans and observe their behaviour was awe inspiring and the informal approach to the photography was great. Ian was always on hand to provide advice when needed without making the day overly structured." Claire Knights, England

"A wonderful trip ! I learnt so much and came back inspired ... not just to take better photos but also to do something to help save these incredible animals." Elaine Clueit, England

"A very special experience ... a unique blend of sighting wild orangutans from the riverside, mixed with exciting close up meetings at the feeding sites and complimented with expert advice in catching these memorable moments in photos." Deborah Rouse

"Thankyou so much. The holiday was a fantastic way of combining an interest in photography with experiencing close up encounters with orangutans and other wildlife in their natural environment." Lucy Buckley