moutain gorilla holidays PHOTOGRAPHY & WRITING BY IAN WOOD

"Thanks for a such a great Ugandan trip. As you said, it is a very beautiful country with wonderful people, and a superb variety of wildlife. For me it was like going on holiday with a small group of friends and I thank you for your relaxed,friendly,entertaining and informative tour leadership."" Barbara Sampson

"We are both quite experienced travellers, used to planning our own trips, but never in a million years could we have assembled a trip like this, such a range & depth of experience in quite a compressed period, truly inspirational" Peter and Jenny Barham

"What a trip ! Our small multinational group got on famously and had the most wonderful gorilla and chimpanzee encounters along with large portions of buffalo, elephant, shoebill, colobus monkey, and kingfisher with a bit of cheetah and cub on the side. Awesome, awesome, awesome. A month later and we’re still buzzing. An amazing country with amazing, friendly people. Even having to bribe the speedcop who pinged Ian was fun." Russell and Jo Watkins

"This trip to Uganda with Ian was a once in a lifetime experience filled with incredible wildlife, lovely scenery and wonderful people (both on the trip and the Ugandans alike). Ian is a great guide with a vast knowledge of the surroundings and history. Moreover, his warmth and kindness meant that by the time I left after the 10 days, I felt we had gotten to know eachother so well, that it was like leaving old friends. As a primatologist who has seen and worked with a wide variety of primate species including orangutans and ring-tailed lemurs, I thought those experiences would be hard to top. However, our gorilla trek especially was absolutely mind-blowing and one I will never forget. To top it off Ian introduced me to Jane Goodall - possibly making this the best trip ever! Thank you so much for an utterly awe-inspiring experience ! I look forward to another adventure together in the near future !" Carolyn Thompson

"Adventuring with Ian is so special- especially if - like me- you typically do not like group travel. But this trip is different - there is a relaxed and open feeling and I enjoyed every moment for its presence and richness. The most important moments are not in my photos or memories. They are in my heart. Thank you so much." Barbara Draimin

" I'm on my way back from Uganda after seeing the most amazing wildlife in my entire life with the highlight being the mountain gorillas..I feel so very humble from this experience and incredibly happy!" Gillian Read

" I've been fortunate enough to travel extensivley in many different countries but I have to say this was the best trip I've ever done. Amazing wildlife experiences in a lovely country with lovely people." Venetia Caine

 " This was my second trip with Ian having been with him to Borneo to see the orangutans two years ago. Our chimpanzee and mountain gorilla encounters were intimate and inspiring but we also saw a huge range of other wildlife during our time in Uganda. Hippos, elephants, buffalo, Red Colobus monkeys, Black & white Colobus monkeys, Vervets, Baboons, Red Tailed monkeys, The Shoebill and so many other birds that I lost count. Inspiring ... and now I've booked Tanzania too ! " LInden Crowley