moutain gorilla holidays PHOTOGRAPHY & WRITING BY IAN WOOD


Mountain Gorilla Holidays

Trekking up lush paths – mist hanging in the air – the expectation is enough to make you tingle. I was first drawn to Uganda to meet the mountain gorillas who live on the volcanic slopes of Bwindi impenetrable forest. Standing just metres from these great apes is so special, that mere words cannot begin to do it justice. But Uganda is more than a one trick wonder. It marks the transitional point between East African savannah, West African rainforest and the semi-desert of the North. Packed with wildlife, boasting 342 mammal species and over a 1000 different kind of birds. Mountain gorillas might be the highlight; but you’ll also meet chimpanzees, tree climbing lions, elephants, hippos and so much more. We’ll be a small group of just 6 people and use a comfortable safari vehicle through out with open top roof to ensure great views of the savanna wildlife in the National parks which we'll visit. The photographic opportunities are limitless and this trip is aimed at anyone who has a love of nature. Our mountain gorilla and chimpanzee permits will be exclusive to our group, guaranteeing an intimate encounter. For further information on our mountain gorilla holidays please click here.