moutain gorilla holidays PHOTOGRAPHY & WRITING BY IAN WOOD

Tuesday, 18 April 2017 19:10

Sussex photography days

What were the skies like when you were young ?
They went on forever and the skies always had little fluffy clouds,
And they moved down, they were long and clear,
And there were lots of stars at night.
And when it would rain it would all turn, it, they were beautiful,
The most beautiful skies as a matter of fact,
The sunsets were purple and red and yellow and on fire.
And the clouds would catch the colors everywhere,
That's neat, 'cause I used to look at them all the time when I was little.
"Thanks for the awesome photography day today - just arrived home and spent the whole journey chatting about everything we've learnt. Off to the beach again now, this time with the dog to try some frisby action shots ! " Jen and Marcus.

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