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Sunday, 17 April 2016 15:04

Tanzania big cats and chimps 2016 trip report

This trip report is a tad late as I've been in India but huge thanks to Ginnie, Robert, Venetia, Sara, Russell, Jo, Suzanne and Adrian for being so lovely and contributing to such a special time in Tanzania. There's a few photos from this trip below ... click on any thumbnail for a larger version. If you would like more info about my future big cats and chimpanzee trips please contact me here

Chimpanzee Gombe Stream Baboon Gombe Stream Baboon Gombe Stream Chimpanzee Gombe Stream Chimpanzee Gombe StreamWildebeest Ndutu Zebra Ndutu Lions mating Ndutu Lions Ndutu Hyena Ndutu

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